FlushDatabases Command


Writes all databases to disk and closes them all.

To flush WebDNA's databases, use a web browser to link to a URL containing the FlushDatabases command. Whenever WebDNA receives a FlushDatabases command, it immediately saves any modified databases to disk. Newer versions of any database files that have been modified on disk will be used the next time a database is referenced.

Example (normally you would link to a URL or form containing the following information):


A confirmation message appears after flushing all the databases.

Here are some other ways to send the same command:
HTML Source Description
<a href="xx.tpl?command=FlushDatabases">
Hyperlink to WebDNA plugin Action.
<form method="POST" action="xx.tpl">
<input type="hidden" name="command" value="FlushDatabases">
<input type="submit">
Form-based command to plugin Action
(notice the template is part of the action).

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