IIS4 Install Installing WebDNA for IIS 6.x (Windows 2003)

After running the WebDNA install program, you will need to execute the following steps to manually configure IIS6 using the Microsoft IIS "Internet Information Services Manager" application.

The following instructions guide you through configuring a suffix mapping (so IIS knows to send .tpl files through WebDNA).

First, open the Microsoft IIS 'Internet Information Services Manager'.

Expand the left tree view and 'right click' on the 'Web Sites' folder, select 'Properties', As shown here:

In the 'Web Site Properties' dialog, select the 'Home Directory' tab and set 'Execute Permissions' to 'Scripts Only':

Click the 'Configuration' Button ...

In the 'Application Configuration' dialog, select the 'Mappings' tab.
Check to see if the suffixes: .tpl, .dna, and .db are entered. If any of these three are not, proceed to add them by clicking the 'Add' button:

In the '...Extension Mapping' dialog...
Set the 'Executable' path to the $WebCat.dll file
The $WebCat.dll is usually located here -"c:\Inetpub\scripts\WebCatalogEngine\$WebCat.dll"
Set 'Extension' to '.dna'

Click 'OK' to exit '...Extension Mapping' dialog

Repeat this step for .tpl suffixes.
Repeat the 'Add' step for any additional extentions you want mapped to WebDNA.
(.dna .tpl and .db must be mapped)
Click 'OK' to exit 'Application Configuration' dialog

Click 'OK' to exit 'Web Site Properties' dialog

Back in the IIS 'Internet Informatin Services Manager' application...

In the left tree view, 'right click', on the 'Web Services' folder, select 'Add a new Web Service Extension'.

In the 'New Web Service Extension' dialog...
Set Extension Name (optional - usually 'WebCat')

Click the 'Add' button to add the path to $WebCat.dll (Using the same path that you entered before)
Check the box 'Set extension status to allowed'

The dialog should now look something like this:

Click 'OK' to exit the 'New Web Service Extension' dialog

Back in the IIS 'Internet Informatin Services Manager' application...

At root of the left tree view, 'right click' on the node labeled (local computer)...
Select All Tasks > Save Config to Disk, as shown below:

Lastly, repeat the last step, choosing, 'Restart IIS'

In some configurations you may have to expand the WebSites tab and start each service manually by right-clicking on the website that was created and selecting 'start' from the menu.

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