WebDNA Lab

WebDNA Lab

This application provides a simple way to create, edit and view WebDNA templates (or HTML in general).
By default, the application is divided into three views:

Source window (upper right)
Database window (lower right)
Preview window (upper left)

The Preview window can be 'floated' into separate browser window.

The Source window is considered the main view, and contains the application menu bar. This view also contains the textarea used to edit file content.

The Database view is used to edit database files.

The Preview window is used to view 'rendered' WebDNA/HTML files.

The menu bar contains the following...

· Edit Menu - Contains all the options needed to load, create, edit, and delete WebDNA/HTML files. It will also display a history of the last eight files opened in the Source window.
· Preview Menu - Allows you to load and refresh the contents of the 'Preview' window. The Preview window is also automatically refreshed when a file or database is saved.
· Database Menu - Similar to the Edit menu, the Database menu contains the options needed to create, load, delete, and edit databases.
· Totorials Menu - Contains several tutorials covering the new WebDNA 5.0 features.
· Prefs Menu - Contains misc. configuration options.
· Help Menu - Contains a link to the online WebDNA guide.

User Contributed Notes

Bill DeVaul  
05/23/2003 at 08:21:33
Can anyone who has used this provide a review?  What works and what doesn't?  What are the browser requirements for this feature?  How does it compare to other Content Management Systems?  

PowerPalle - - 
12/30/2003 at 11:15:58
I can confirm, that the Java version does not work on Mac OS X 10.3.2 using neither Safari or Explorer.

Nor does the HTML version work perfectly yet. A lot of links does not work in the tutorial

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